Zoom Simple Screen Printing Event with Kingi
Zoom Simple Screen Printing Event with Kingi
Zoom Simple Screen Printing Event with Kingi
Zoom Simple Screen Printing Event with Kingi

Zoom Simple Screen Printing Event with Kingi

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Have you ever wanted to screenprint YOUR own favourite designs onto clothes, fabric, (and more!)  with the help of me, Kingi of Peach Berserk ? 

Let's do it !  I'm now doing simple silkscreen workshops with Zoom.  Here's what we do....

Get ready to screenprint with Kingi - You will get one silkscreen with your own artwork, and another screen with fun, Peach Berserk approved images. 
You will get to make unique stuff and learn the basics of creative screenprinting. 

In advance, you email me the artwork you want to silkscreen. 
Any image is fine
                           - a drawing (even kids artwork works great!) It's best to draw                                         black artwork on white, if possible
                          - a photograph (pictures of people and or pets are great)
                           - any symbol or logo
                           - a poem or phrase in any font, or hand written. 

I  will put your image onto a silkscreen for you to print with. 

You will receive a package, in advance of our Zoom class  that will contain
*Your custom silkscreen, PLUS an extra silkscreen with fun to print images
*4 water based textile inks to print with  red, blue, yellow and black
*a drop cloth to use as a print surface on any table 
*2  small 'squeegees' to print with
* a tea towel and a cotton facemask to print
**** Handprinted Peach Berserk Tote Bag (you can print the other side!)

- I  will join you for the ZOOM party, to show you how to print, do some demos and answer questions.  It will be so fUn !! 
-The images on the extra screen that you get are a Canadian Flag, Peace Sign Hand, Tattoo Rose, and a Smiley Face. 
-The printing inks are premium quality non-toxic and have no smell. 
-All you need to do is iron the prints you make and they will be machine washable and will last forever
-You will receive things to print, but organize other things to print too - anything that is white, or light coloured fabric or paper will work - clothes, pillow cases, totebags, towels, you name it!
-The screens that you get are usable forever in the future, so keep on screenprinting after our Zoom workshop !

Questions or want to discuss dates for YOUR workshop ? I'm  available anytime by email or phone  647 740 1141 or kingicarpenter@gmail.com   
Some messages from past students.... <3 
Hi Kingi
I don't think I dropped you a line before the holidays - but the zoom event you hosted for some of our team was a super big HIT! They loved the items they made, their designs and of course you.  

Thanks again for your workshops and you!

I've added you to our resources list so hopefully we can do something in the future again.

Sumiko Oda

Hi Kingi,

I didn't get a chance to say goodbye yesterday, but I wanted you to know that I had an amazing time. I'm still feeling that learning new skills buzz.

Thank you for sharing your knowledge and your space; you're truly an asset to the community and an inspiration. Hopefully, I'll be reaching out to book some studio time soon.

Thanks again,