Calling all Artists! Teach Your Art Workshops at Peach Berserk Art Space

I have a big beautiful and creative space for art workshops at 1694 Queen Street West.I teach silkscreening, so that's covered, but I am looking for other amazing artists who would like to teach their workshops in my space. 

My vision is that my place turns into a thriving creative hub- busy every day and evening- for all kinds of artists and the people who love learning from our workshops!

The ideal candidates:

- have an audience (social media and a mailing list) and will be able to sell the workshop to that audience- have experience teaching their art or craft

How it works:

- we book the workshops 6 weeks in advance, typically on Tuesday nights but there is some flexibility
- we both promote on social media and on our mailing lists (minimum of 6 posts each) 
- I list it on my website and handle the sales
- we split the money 50/50; I'll pay you out within 5 days after the event

Your 50% covers your supplies and teaching time. My 50% covers the overhead on the space.*
* Special exception - if a workshop has particularly expensive materials, we can charge an extra materials cost. 

* There is also a possibility of being added to our "party artist" list. We host a lot of events and parties here - everything from kids' birthdays to corporate team building events - and we're looking to expand the types of art we can offer for these events. 

Workshops typically run from 6 - 8 or 9 pm depending on how much time the artist needs. 

Typical price for a workshop ranges from $70+ depending on the length of workshop, time etc.

Interested? Please fill out this form and I will get back to you!

I look forward to learning more about you and your art.


Two women in a room with vintage paint-by-numbers on the walls. A table is set for a silkscreening workshop that is about to start.

Here's a look at the space with tables and chairs, all set up for a silkscreening workshop! We'd love to host your workshops here too!

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