I LOVE when school/college classes come into Peach Berserk for Workshops !

It's SO much fun to host student groups in my place - the pictures here are from a recent class of 60 (!!!) kids. 


Yes, it was bussssssy, but everyone had SO much fun - and they all made amazing prints - t-shirts and totebags to take home.  AND they learned the basics of photo emulsion screenprinting , and how easy it is to screenprint your own stuff.  I also love giving a talk (picture here)  on how I started my biz, and how I've been self-employed in fabric design/fashion/screenprinting/and my workshops since 1987 (and it's been a blast!). 


If you know a group that would like to come in, let me know - it is so good for students to be in a 'working studio' and see the different ways create your own art-based job. 



Can't wait for the next group.... have more coming in this Spring ! 

<3 Kingi 


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