Silkscreening can be so easy and affordable to do at home !

I went to art school back in the 80s - that's where I learned screenprinting. Man, I loved learning it and all... BUT my teacher made it VERY CLEAR - this was NOT something you could do at home --- waYYYYY to expensive - you would need a big exposure unit, big fancy print tables, dryer systems , etc etc.  So discouraging ! I was on my own in a small $300/month apartment with basically NO MONEY.  BUT I was young and crazy and really wanted to start my own textile design/fashion biz, so I made it my life goal to make it affordable and possible to do. So I did !  I have now figured a way to set up a quality screenprint studio with everything you need to start (including an exposure system!!) for under $300.  It's the system I use, and I teach classes of 30+ people all the time and make all my orders etc. One day I discovered to chairs and a piece of glass and a tiny light  can make an amazing exposure system/light box that creates silkscreens like magic ! So don't be discouraged EVER by those who say it can't be done.  Figure a better system!!  

Let me help you on your way to fabric design/silkscreen success or just use my inspo to create what you want your own way.  Love to see what you do. 



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