The Power of Printing a Tote Bag !!

Lately almost all the birthday parties, wedding/baby showers/ reunions/biz meetings , etc here.  have included tote bag printing !  I mean, I'm a screen printer, and I have everything you need here, so why not ?  And I LOVE teaching others to do what I do !

Most folks send me some art in advance, and I make a custom silkscreen with it. And then, at the event, everyone prints their own tote bag to take home.  

Often, they screenprint the custom design on one side of the bag, and then they pick one of the (TONS) of silkscreens that I have here, and print that on the other side.  

The cool thing is, everyone uses different screens and printing ink colours so all the bags look different.  

Screenprinting is SO easy - and just takes seconds to do (unless you want to get fancy, which is fine too !). So many people tell me they have always wanted to try screenprinting - so this is a perfect chance.

And you would think that after the event, some of the bags would be left behind by mistake - but that never happens - everyone takes their bag so seriously !!  At a party recently, a guy printed a tote bag for his girlfreind who was sick at home - I love that. 

So consider adding this to YOUR event - love to discuss - adding some art/creativity to an event rocks - especially at Peach Berserk ! 

xo Kingi


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