What’s it like being a co-op at Peach Berserk?


The Peach Berserk co-op experience is one of the more fun and unique opportunities that students can choose from. The store owner, Kingi, creates a very welcoming and friendly atmosphere within the studio that peaks your curiosity and creativity. The energy in the environment has a way of making people feel comfortable and more willing to open up and express themselves. The tasks can range from getting the studio ready for any events or workshops to helping create merchandise for orders to lending a hand with workshops, and so much more. The work can mostly be done independently, but you can meet new, fun people to work with or bring your friends to join in with this experience! The most memorable part of this placement is being able to understand the process of screen printing and bringing some of your own ideas to life. Definitely recommend choosing Peach Berserk for your co-op placement, especially if you’re into DIY, fashion, or just want to explore more into your creative side.

Chloe, Grade 11 


Thank you Chloe !  I love having you here. xo Kingi


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