In School Fabric Design/Silkscreen Workshops featuring Upcycling and Sustainability for Students
In School Fabric Design/Silkscreen Workshops featuring Upcycling and Sustainability for Students
In School Fabric Design/Silkscreen Workshops featuring Upcycling and Sustainability for Students
In School Fabric Design/Silkscreen Workshops featuring Upcycling and Sustainability for Students
In School Fabric Design/Silkscreen Workshops featuring Upcycling and Sustainability for Students
In School Fabric Design/Silkscreen Workshops featuring Upcycling and Sustainability for Students
In School Fabric Design/Silkscreen Workshops featuring Upcycling and Sustainability for Students

    In School Fabric Design/Silkscreen Workshops featuring Upcycling and Sustainability for Students


      BIG NEWS !  We've moved to a fabulous, huge, gorgeous NEW location - 1694 Queen St West, at Roncesvalles.  See you here <3

      Art teacher !​
      Here is a description of my in school workshop!  Call me to discuss timing, budget, class size and any variation on this theme that works for you!
      Hope to talk soon,
      647 740 1141
      I teach amazing fabric design/silkscreen workshops - that often focus on recycling/upcycling readymade items into something new with a screen print.  I hold these classes in my art studio and in the classrooms across Ontario.  
      Students learn and do the whole process of photo emulsion screenprinting with me, and make their own original designs and printed items.  
      I can also help the school set up a low cost, simple screenprint studio the students can continue to use after my workshop is done.  
      My classes offer :
      ​*​Flexible time - one 3 hour class to a 3 day session depending on what you prefer. 
      ​*​ Everything is​ taken care of - I bring all supplies - with an emphasis on non toxic, recycled and waterbased products, all equipment, and extra help as needed 
      ​* ​Flexible pricing - let me know what your budget is per student, and I will make it work 
      ​ ​Students Learn :
      ​* ​About fabric design and ways to design a print, I bring the art supplies and show samples 
      ​* ​All the basics of photo emulsion screen printing using complete hands-on techniques
      ​* ​How a small creative business, using this process can work - as a part time summer job or a career idea. 
      ​* ​How to create sustainable fashion by 'upcycling' preowned clothes and textiles with screenprinting and fabric design
      ​ ​What we do :
      ​* ​Introduction to fabric design/screen printing
      ​* ​Students create their designs - either based on a theme or as an open project
      ​* ​Students each make a small silkscreen and expose their design on to the screen
      ​* ​Everyone picks items to print and practices screenprinting 
      Items they could print are :
      ​* ​Clothes and textiles from home that are no longer wanted - let's keep them out of landfill - an old shirt can be a printed tote bag or pillow ! 
      ​* ​Fabric and canvas pieces (I can provide)
      ​* ​T-shirts
      ​* ​Tote bags 
      ​* ​Tea towels 
      Outcomes :​
      ​* ​Students have a good understanding and practice of photo emulsion screenprinting 
      ​* ​Participants have a real feeling of accomplishment having mastered a technique and created interesting things 
      ​* ​
      Participants will have a 'critical eye' of consumer products as they know what they are able to create themselves, often without buying something new.  
      ​* ​
      Students have an understanding of a small creative business and its possibilities.  
      * The Class might decide to make screenprint items for a school fundraiser - it's a great idea!
      ​* ​Students might consider more recycling and upcycling what they own for more sustainable living 
      ​* ​And of course, creating original visual art is always good for the soul/cognitive development and everyone will have FUN 

      * All students get a signed (by me !) Certificate of Completion of my Photo-Emulsion Screenprinting Course, when they are done.  See picture here. 

      Call me, Kingi, for details ! 647 740 1141

      Here are 2 recent - July 2019 messages I got from a full day workshop participants -  People LOVE my workshop - and YOU will too <3 


      "Just loved this screen printing workshop!  Kingi is so generous with her in-depth knowledge of screen printing. Her method of screen printing has been perfected over many years and it shows...she has lots of tricks she shares and she breaks down the process so it’s easy and you can get amazing results screen printing at home with minimal investment   Was a great day at her funky art studio and an honour to learn from the screen printing  Queen herself...always loved her designs from the iconic Peach Berserk store on Queen West and am so excited to create some of my own cool designs using the methods she taught. "


      "We had such a great time learning screen printing from Kingi! She is incredibly knowledgeable and really demystified the process, it was so easy to learn and experiment under her supervision! We now feel confident creating screens from scratch and printing our designs all on our own. Also she shares great tips that makes the whole process inexpensive for those just starting out! Highly recommend!

      To top if off, the space at Peach Berserk is so beautiful! Covered in eclectic art and furniture - it makes a great space for events and photoshoots."Thanks again!! 
      We had a blast!"    Marco.  

       And ..... !!! .... 

      It is with great enthusiasm that I write this letter of support on behalf of Kingi Carpenter (Artist, Founder and Designer of Peach Berserk) for a teaching position.

      I have personally known Kingi for approximately 6 years.  I also have known Ms Carpenter professionally by reputation as a silk screen artist, and teacher, for over 10 years with my work as a social worker with Toronto not for profit agencies- such as Toronto District School Board, Margaret's Drop In, Sheena’s Place and Toronto Boys and Girls Club.  Kingi is not only an artist and a teacher, she is also an author, community activist and founder of a community economic fashion arts business (Peach Berserk) which has been a staple in the Toronto community art district for over 2 decades. 

      As a resident of Peel, and attendee of VAM’s classes, I feel Kingi Carpenter would be an asset to Visual Arts Mississauga.  Ms. Carpenter takes her role as an educator of fashion design, and silk screening, with sincerity in order to inspire her students’ growth in self-awareness, and imagination, using the creative arts.  As Kingi grew Peach Beserk’s fashion business into teaching silkscreen workshops, and sustainable fashion, she combined elements of storytelling, drama, visual art, and mindfulness, into her classes to provide her students the tools to develop their strengths and full potential as artisans in a fun environment.    

      Ms. Carpenter’s methodology in facilitating her silkscreening workshops focuses on empowering the students with skills, and knowledge, to create their own affordable silkscreen studio at home with materials and supplies found at a local hardware store - rather than spending large amounts of money on manufactured silkscreen devices.  Kingi’s philosophy in teaching silkscreen and fashion arts, is that everyone is an artist and should be recognized, and valued, for their unique talents.  The students of Kingi’s silkscreening, or fashion upcycling, program leave the class with more confidence in themselves and their relationship to others and the world.  As a member of the South Asian community in Peel, I feel local silk screening classes would gather a great deal of interest since handmade silk screens and prints are integral to South Asian art and fashion.

      During COVID-19, and with the closure of in person programming, Ms. Carpenter pivoted the work of Peach Berserk fashion and classes to providing hand printed face masks with recycled fabric.   Using her platform, and influence, as a Toronto fashion designer and successful businesswoman Kingi also donated face masks to essential health and social service workers in Toronto’s not for profit community. For most small  businesses, during COVID-19 isolation, it would have been easier to stop classes programming, and only offer online sales.  Ms. Carpenter instead modified her business, and classes, to include upcycled jewelry, hand printed masks and undergarments, customizing sustainable fashion, zoom silk screen workshops, and creating silk screen kits for customers to purchase. 

      Kingi encourages the training, and mentoring, of future fashion designers and business entrepreneurs by providing educational placements positions at Peach Berserk.  With her experience as an activist, Ms. Carpenter teaches community workers (such as myself) how to make political and social justice art using silk screening and fashion arts.  Her recent project is on female reproductive health, titled GROOVYUTERUS.  As a teacher, and  community activist, Kingi creates many learning opportunities for her students to use the transformational power of art, and business, to develop and contribute to the community. 

      Teaching the strength in diversity and creative art techniques, Ms. Carpenter creates a space for inclusive and experiential learning for individuals of all abilities.  Students of Kingi's classes value the teachings she provides as they are recognized as citizens who make significant social contributions that matter to them and their communities. 

      Ms. Carpenter’s dedication to her students and community makes her an effective art instructor and facilitator.  However, ultimately it is Kingi’s vision and passion for the arts to create an inclusive and transformational space that recognizes differences between humans as a mutual benefit to all. That makes her an outstanding educator – and a privilege to work with.

      Thank you,  Meena.


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