Give the gift of one of my fabulous Silkscreen Workshops, hand printed items or even custom printing, but me Kingi !  My gift certificates have no expiry date and I work hard to make sure the recipient gets something they love.  

Each Gift Certificate comes with a hand made card, and tea towel mailed to the giftee, to make it extra fun, and postage is free. 

Amounts/gift ideas are  available are below, for you to choose from, but if you don't see what you like, or have questions about the products listed, please contact me.  I can do a custom gift certificate in any amount you like !

And thank you for thinking of Peach Berserk !    xo Kingi  

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Peach Berserk (Hand Printed and Super Cute!) Gift Cards !

Peach Berserk's FAMOUS FULL-DAY Silkscreen Workshop!


Print 'N Party !! Creative Silkscreen Events in my fabulous Queen St West Art Space


Totally Taylor Creative Screenprinting Events !!