Peach Berserk’s Silkscreen NOW!
Peach Berserk’s Silkscreen NOW!

    Peach Berserk’s Silkscreen NOW!


      Fun, colorful and easy to understand book on how to silkscreen. This book covers
      everything from how to set up your own home studio, how build your own equipment
      and what to buy, focusing on using what you already have and what you can
      recycle. Silkscreen NOW clearly shows step by step: how to make a silkscreen,
      design your artwork, put your artwork on the screen using the photo-emulsion
      system, and how to print. The book also has a series of inspiring, funky
      projects to practice what you have learned. Silkscreen NOW comes with a DVD
      keyed to each chapter with the author and fabric designer Kingi Carpenter
      demonstrating every technique. Not only is the book easy and accessible, it covers everything you need to get started from scratch.


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